Rechargeable LED Flashing Dog Collar Rope

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Never again worry about spotting your dog in your yard at night or making sure that oncoming traffic sees you and your pup. Our LED Rope Collar will make sure you always know where your dog is - and make drivers see them, too. We offer this product along with our Signature LED Dog Collar because this is a nice alternative for pet owners who have designer collars, or collars they do not want to replace.


  • Uses high quality modern LED lights that glow brightly - One of the most effective high visibility dog safety collars available.

  • One size fits all: Collar measures 20 inches - Can be cut to any length using scissors to fit your pet! Perfect fit!   

  • 3 Light Settings - Slow flash, quick flash & steady glow (Easy push button)

  • Rechargeable via Micro USB - Can be charged via Phone Chargers, Laptops, PC's, Tablets, Smart TV's Mains USB Power Adapters (Micro USB cable included)

  • Weatherproof - good for all conditions, Adjustable & Comfy for your dog.

  • Safety First,makes you & your dog more visible at night and in low light conditions!

Package Content:

  • 1X Rechargeable USB Waterproof LED Flashing Light Band Safety Pet Dog Collar

  • 1X USB charging cable

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