Collapsible Water And Food Bowl

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Do you go on long walks or drives with your pup? Ever find yourself in a situation where your dog needs food or water but you have nothing to put it in? Look no further! Our collapsible water and food bowl allows you to be ready for whenever your dog needs a bite or a sip of water! 

The collapsible water and food bowl folds into a flat disk, allowing you to store it in the car, in your bag, or in your home with the need for minimal space. Once it is time to feed your dog, simply pop the bowl open and fill it up with dry food, wet food, or water! Cleaning is easy, simply wipe the bowl dry and collapse it in to put it away!

Product Specs

    • Weight: 2 oz.
    • Diameter (top): 5"
    • Diameter (bottom): 3.75"
    • Depth (when open): 2.5"
    • Material: Durable non-porous silicone
    • Dishwasher safe

    Shipping time

    • This product normally ships within 1 day.

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