Easily Spot Your Dog Outside - Be Seen On The Side Of The Road

The Best LED Dog Collar

If you're a runner, jogger, or a cyclist, you know that wearing reflective clothing and flashing LEDs is the only way to stay safe on the road. Why not give your dog the protection he deserves? When the sun goes down, visibility means safety: Our LED dog collar, LED dog leash, and LED dog harness provide a glow that can be seen from 1,000 feet away, keeping your pet visible at all times. Dog lights are the number one way to stay visible on the road at night.

If your dog prefers roaming free in the backyard, fitting your dog with our LED lighted dog collar will give you confidence, knowing they are just a glance through the window away. If you enjoy camping, outfit your dog with our LED lighted dog collar so they never get lost in the woods. Giving your dog one of our LED safety products will not only keep your dog safe, it'll look great, too! Our dog lights are made out of the highest quality materials. 

Size Chart

Our LED Dog Collars Are Measured Clip-To-Clip:

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