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People can be geeky, why not pets too? - We started The Pet's Tech for a simple reason, we wanted to make a place where you could buy affordable gifts for your pets. Here you will find a hand picked selection that will make your furry loved one's day! Not only are our products cool, but our LED dog collar, leash, and harness are meant to keep you and your pet safe while outside in the dark. Ever take your pup on that night time walk? Ever let your pet out at night, and worry if they've wondered too far? Make you and your pet more visible with our LED dog collar or LED dog leash!

Right now we are focusing our efforts on our LED product line. We like the idea of illuminating people and their furry companions while out for a walk and we think it looks awesome!  We are currently working with our suppliers and manufacturers to get even more products for you. We soon hope to have on-the-go products like portable water bowls/feeders and more!  We test all of the items that we sell personally, to make sure you are receiving the best quality possible. 

Size Chart

Our LED Dog Collars Are Measured Clip-To-Clip:

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