How Cold Is Too Cold For Your Dog Outside?


Do you ever wonder when it is too cold to let your dog out without supervision? Take a look at this chart so you can keep your furry pal safe. 

Here are some takeaways:

  • Winter time is when it is time to pay closer attention to your dog and the  temperature out side. According to the chart provided by Petplan, once it gets to be 35 degrees on a regular basis that there is potential for unsafe conditions. In most of the Northeast this will be around late December through March. 
  • When it becomes 25 degrees you need to pay special attention if you have a smaller dog. If you have a larger bread these are moderately safe conditions. Just make sure not to stay outside too long. 
  • Once it becomes 15 degrees,  most dog owners have to make sure they are paying close attention to their dogs when they are outside. If you are letting your dog out to use the bathroom, make sure he or she comes back in shortly after. If you are out on a walk make sure to pay attention to the dogs behavior and any signs of discomfort. 
  • At 10 degrees it becomes extremely dangerous for almost all breeds. If you have a Northern breed or a breed with a heavy coat then you should pay attention, but your dog is usually safe.

This is an especially harsh winter for most of the Northeast, so make sure to pay extra attention to your furry loved ones this winter. 


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Some additional questions pet owners have:

  •  Is there too much snow outside for my dog?
    • The answer is "it depends". Typically, you want your dog to be able to stand up and have their entire face and most of their core body out of the snow. There are some breeds where this matters less (think Husky).
  • Can my dog walk on ice?
    • Whenever there is a lot of ice on the ground (maybe the snow thawed during the day but froze up overnight) I put Mushers Secret on my dogs paws or put on boots. Think about when you hold an ice cube for too long, it starts to hurt!
  • Is salt on the road bad for my dog?
    • It isn't great and is why I use Musher's Secret and booties for our dogs. I also don't love when my dog eats the salt off his paws so we always do a nice rinse once we get inside.

4 Responses


February 08, 2019

How long are we talking about when we say that it is too cold? Is this 24/7 or 10 minutes? Does this article have any sources?


January 17, 2019

I think anyone who keeps their dog locked in a crate in the garage should not have a dog. Dogs are pack animals. To separate them from their pack is the worst punishment/inhumain behavior. My problem is my 16-year-old rescue dog is not wanting to spend all night outside. Last night was 20°. I do have a porch that is sheltered and I put a sweater on him and a coat. But he will not stay inside and I’m worried as it will get colder. I even gave him a small bit of a sleeping pill hope it can fall asleep inside. No go.
Jean merrill
Jean merrill

May 28, 2018

My neaighbirs keeps a 10 lb. Dog locked in a crate in her garage. In the dark and cold . is it to cold for the lil dog???

Robert Provasoli
Robert Provasoli

May 28, 2018

Is it safe to leave a 60#
Dog in the car at 24 degrees for an hour or more?

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