Driving Safely With Your Dog in the Car

Summer is right around the corner and along with it, the prime season for travel. Those of us who can’t bear to leave Fido at home are already planning to take our canine companions with us on a road trip.

While some dog breeds may be more suited to travel than others, many dogs love to go on car rides with their owners. But before you hit the road with your dog, it’s essential that you know how to drive safely with your dog in the car.

Whether you are running errands with your dog or taking a long road trip, ensuring that they are safe and secure will make the ride more enjoyable for both of you. Here are just a few ways to practice proper safety while driving with your dog:

Use a Dog Seat Belt

The sad truth is that car accidents happen each day. Although you may consider yourself a cautious driver while your dog is in the car, there is no guarantee that others are being just as careful.

If you find yourself slamming the breaks to avoid a close call, your furry friend could get seriously hurt. Even at slower speeds, your dog should be restrained with a dog seat belt to avoid being thrown forward.

Crack the Windows

With over 220 million olfactory receptors in their nose, it’s not surprising that so many dogs love sticking their head out the window and smelling all those interesting scents. Unfortunately, allowing your dog stick their head completely out of your car window can be dangerous for the two of you.

It’s not uncommon for dogs to jump out of car windows and take off into a busy street. A certain smell or the sight of another animal can easily excite them enough to jump out of your car—regardless of whether it is parked or mobile.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t deny them those glorious smells. Crack the window enough to let the air in, but nowhere near enough for them to get more than the tip of their nose through. This will prevent them from squirming their body through and hurting themselves in the process.

Bring Food and Water

Even if you are running short errands or making a quick car ride to the park, you should consider bringing food and water bowls for your dog. You never know when you might find yourself broken down on the side of the road, stuck in heavy traffic, or in another situation that ends up prolonging your car ride.

Many of these situations are stressful on their own. You don’t need to worry further about whether your dog is in critical need of water! With food and water packed, you can take care of their needs while dealing with an unfortunate scenario.

Keep Your Dog Safe In and Out of the Car!

As a good pet parent, you want to keep your dog as safe as possible. Whether that means using a dog seat belt for car trips or using a LED dog collar for nighttime walks, there are plenty of useful items to enhance your dog’s safety. The peace of mind you will get from taking these small precautions will be worth it a thousand times over!


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