Best Light Up Dog Collar

With five stars and over 120 reviews, we hold our heads up high saying we offer the best light up dog collar out there! We strive to provide products that are built to last and are safe. 

We started with light up dog collars in 2013 - making sure that dogs and their owners were seen while walking on roads at night. We got a ton of great feedback from our loyal customers. Because of the feedback here's what we did:

1. Added a battery strap

This battery strap makes sure that everything stays in place no matter how riled up fido is. Go on your long hikes, let your dog go nuts - the collars battery and light strip aren't going anywhere. It also protects the battery box from hard impacts and makes it less likely to break.


2. Double Stitched

Our Collars are double stitched - meaning the nylon collar cannot come undone and undo itself, letting the dog go free. This makes the collar much more secure and means you can feel comfortable using our LED collar as your primary dog collar. No matter how dog your pup pulls, or no matter how hard they rough house with other dogs, this collar isn't going anywhere.


3. Larger Leash Ring

We added a much stronger and much larger leash ring on our collars - giving you plenty of room for tags and your leash. Don't waste time trying again and again to latch the leash on the collar - dealing with an over excited dog. With our collar you're getting that leash on 100% of the time.

The best light up dog collar

We provided an infographic below explaining the benefits of our lighted dog collar. Make sure to pick one up for you and your dog, or a dog loving friend of yours and make sure that oncoming traffic always sees you on your early morning or night time walks. 

Keep track of your dog outside

A light up dog collar is also a great way to make sure you always know where your dog when they're outside. Most of us have a fenced in yard, or an invisible fence - and sometimes at night you open the door, call your dog in and... nothing. A couple minutes later you let out a sigh of relief when they appear in front of the door smiling like nothing's wrong. With an LED dog collar, you'll know exactly where your dog is no matter how much noise they're making. Peace of mind from such a simple product.

Do you have multiple dogs? Our lighted dog collars are a fantastic way to tell the difference between your pets outside at night. Get some of your friends together, pop on some led dog collars and you have yourself quite the entertaining evening. 

Our Light up collars for dogs do not bother their eyes and aren't uncomfortable at night.

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