The Adorable Tilted Dog

The Adorable Tilted Dog

Just what is a tilted dog, you ask? Well, it isn't a dog that can't stand up straight; the tilt we're talking about is that adorable tilt of the head our pooches use when they're really interested in what we're saying. So why do our pets tilt their heads in such an appealing way? It might have to do with how in tune they are with their humans. It seems that dogs that are especially empathetic tilt their heads more often than dogs that are less well socialized.

Dogs that spend a lot of time with humans are really good at reading our body language and verbal cues; dogs being dogs, they're also hard at work listening for the words they know and love the best. You know, words like food, treats, ball, ride, walk, ...

One reason tilting their heads might help them catch those especially beloved words is the way their ears work. Even though they can hear sounds way beyond what we can hear, they're not as good at figuring out where those sounds are coming from. Tilting their heads might let the sound hit their ears at barely different times - helping them figure out where the sound originated.

The shape of our pet's face might also affect how often they tilt their heads when listening to us. Dr. Stanley Coren believes the size and shape of a dog's muzzle might influence how well they can see our faces. Tilting their head could allow them to see our facial expressions better. It turns out that dogs with larger muzzles tilt their heads more than dogs with smaller or flatter muzzles.

Of course, the real reason might be that they know just how irresistibly cute they are when they tilt that head! How often has that tilt coaxed you out of a tidbit or into a game of fetch or a walk? If your beloved pets can wheedle you into a walk with a mere tilt of the head, make sure you use LED collars and leashes to keep them safe. Contact us for more information.

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