Tiny but Mighty

January 28, 2016

Tiny but Mighty

All across the country spectators gather at small town festivals much like the one held in Germantown, Tennessee to larger state affairs like the St. Luke's Country Fair in La Union, New Mexico, in order to view the releasing of the hounds, dachshund style.  There truly is nothing more amusing than observing a small herd of short-legged creatures running every which way and most often not towards their cheering and over zealous human wrangler.  The pups are possibly thinking to themselves, "why am I wearing this vest and what are we chasing?"

This breed is small in stature but are still quite active hunters. Their backyards are their domains and no amount of shrubbery will keep these badger dogs from their prey.  Also, a fuzzy worn out tennis ball rolled with some force is another attention grabber and can be easily lost beneath the foliage.  

When it is dark outside and a low paw scratches with an agitated whine at the back door, consider this dog safety precaution before letting your pet flee towards the sound in the corner.  Hopefully, the disturbance is only the wind but small dogs can quickly be lost if day light is not on your side. Making sure they are wearing our LED lighted collars will allow the owner to actually see if they are either tackling an opossum that chose to fight vs flight rather than the toy you were hoping was the opponent.   

Most smaller sized dogs may have a tough exterior and chooses to take on much more than they can chew. However, if human mom or dad wanted to intervene it would be beneficial to the human hand to have confidence which animal needed the rescue.

May your backyards be proudly protected by your own family pet, no matter their size. If you would like to know more information about our products, please contact us.



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