Dog helps detect invasive rabbits around the World

In a previous post we introduced you to Captain Ron and Ridley, two interesting dogs that are specially trained to detect sea turtle eggs and help conservation scientists in their efforts to protect endangered sea turtles. 

Now, meet Finn the Wonder Dog. From his humble beginning as a shelter puppy in New Zealand, Finn has grown into a world traveler and has worked in Tasmania, on Macquarie Island southwest of New Zealand, and Choros Island, Chile. 

For his work on Choros Island, Finn worked with a group called Island Conservation to eradicate the invasive rabbit population that was destroying vegetation and threatening the survival of the native wildlife.

For humans, the task of completely eradicating invasive pests is difficult because rabbits can hide underground or in rocky crevices. However, a well-trained detection dog like Finn can easily sniff them out. Because of the numerous cactus plants on the island, Finn wore rubber-soled boots to protect his feet. He alerted his handler by pawing at the ground whenever he sniffed anything that smelled of rabbits. His rewards ranged from toys, to fun games, to lots of love. 

With Finn’s valuable help, the team confirmed that there are no more rabbits on Choros Island and can now look forward to watching the native vegetation and wildlife recover and thrive. 

Like Captain Ron and Ridley, Finn is a specially trained detection dog helping to protect endangered species around the world. Please keep your own dog safe and help these conservation efforts by making sure your dog is not allowed to chase wildlife and is visible at night with an LED collar and leash. 

Please contact us with any questions or comments you have about your dog's safety.

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