Road Trip! Keeping Your Best Friend Safe While Traveling

Depending on your dog's personality, size, and preferences, traveling by car or truck can be a grand adventure or a complete nightmare. Some states even have specific laws governing where, how, and when your dog may come along for the ride. To make any journey, whether across town to the groomer or across the country on the trip of a lifetime, more enjoyable for both you and your four-legged friend consider these dog safety tips:

  • Keep the windows up: While it may be every dog's dream to catch the scent of wide open spaces by hanging their head out the window, this kind of heavy airflow may damage their lungs. So crack the window, but keep the whole pup inside the vehicle. 
  • Consider the passenger-side airbag: In some vehicles, it doesn't take much to set off the airbag. A simple fender bender could be devastating for a dog sitting in the front seat. The back seat or cargo area is a safer bet. 
  • Truck Safety: The cab of a pickup truck is much safer for a dog than the bed. Strong air-flow, road hazards, and the potential for falling out are just too great, no matter how much your dog loves it. 
  • Use a comfortable dog restraint system: Larger dogs may benefit from the security that a special restraint offers. These units snap into existing seatbelts easily. For dogs that will not comply with or aren't build for this type of restraint, consider installing a gate between the back seat and the storage bay area. 

Traveling can be a thrill for both you and your dog, and keeping them safe is a great responsibility. Take just a few steps to make the trip more comfortable and help both of you relax and enjoy the ride. 

To talk more about keeping your best friend safe and happy, please contact us. Thanks!


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