Dogs as workers, protectors and companions

Anyone who has ever shared their life with a good dog knows that their loyalty, protection and companionship are beyond compare. They have excellent vision, they’re good listeners, they have an extraordinary sense of smell - and they use their senses to detect things us humans can’t. Because of these characteristics, humans have used canines for hunting partners, companions and protectors throughout history.

Law enforcement and military personnel have relied on these animals to search for missing persons, locate illegal substances, discover bombs, deliver messages and even transport medical supplies.

More and more the medical community is also realizing the benefits a canine service companion can provide people who suffer with debilitating conditions. For instance, “seeing eye” dogs can give independence back to people who have lost their site, service dogs are also used to aid hearing impaired people and assist people with mobility issues. 

A service dog can also be trained to detect blood sugar levels, oncoming seizures and even anxiety attacks in their human companions. There have even been cases where these dogs have detected cancers and other serious medical conditions in people who thought they were entirely healthy.

There are endless stories of dogs saving people from other animals, intruders, fires – and we'll never forget how Lassie saved Timmy from the depths of the well! 

With working dogs, as with our own pets, a great deal of investment goes into their health and training. It's important to protect that investment by ensuring our dog's safety as well. LED collars can help keep working dogs safe when working out in the field with police and other organizations. This same equipment is also available for us to keep our own pets safer when walking at night, camping, hiking or just enjoying off-leash time in the evening hours.

Dogs are simply amazing and even though humans have spent most of our existence with dogs at our camp fires and, these days, on the living room couch, we still haven’t discovered everything they’re capable of.

What we do know is they make our lives richer and more joyful. And those of us who have paw prints on our hearts know that a good dog makes a happier home. Whether we have a working dog, a therapy dog or just a good old-fashioned best friend, we should always do our part to make sure we’re looking after them too - because you better believe they’re always looking out for us! 

Make sure your dog has a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, a good veterinarian, lots and lots of buddy time with you – and of course our LED collar and leash for attractive (and safe) evening wear!

As always, we welcome any questions or comments you may have.



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