Dog Safety: Human Foods that Are Toxic to Dogs

Dog Safety: Human Foods that Are Toxic to Dogs

It is pretty common knowledge that chocolate is bad for dogs. Even novice pet owners are usually aware of this important dog safety fact. Chocolate isn't the only canine toxin though; the ASPCA website and other reputable  animal publications often put out lists of foods that we humans should avoid giving our pups. Below are some of the most dangerous. 

Grapes/Raisins: Vets nationwide cannot pinpoint the exact reason, but grapes and raisins commonly lead to kidney failure in dogs. What's interesting to note is that while a small dog could have a handful of grapes and potentially have no ill effects, a large breed dog could have just one and experience dire consequences. Is the risk really worth it? It's best to avoid giving a dog one at all. 

Sugar-Free Foods: If eating less sugar is good for humans, it is the same for dogs, right? Not necessarily! What many dog owners don't realize when it comes to dog safety is that sugar-free foods often contain a dangerous ingredient for canines; xylitol. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in anything from gum to peanut butter. Ingesting it can cause a quick and dangerous drop in blood sugar levels for a dog, resulting in disorientation, seizures, or even liver failure in severe cases. 

Avocado: This one comes as a surprise to many dog owners, as avocado is reportedly used in many dog foods as a nutritional element. The part of the avocado used for dog food, however, is the avocado meal; the darker green part between the skin and the rest of the fruit. The avocado parts that contain a toxic substance known as persin are the leaves, fruit, seeds, and the bark. 

These foods are not the only items dogs should avoid. Macadamia nuts, hops, alcohol, moldy foods, onions, and garlic could all potentially cause adverse reactions when ingested by a dog. To ensure dog safety in your home, it's important to follow-up with a vet if you believe your dog has ingested anything they shouldn't have. 

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