Dog Training with a Dual Purpose

January 04, 2016

Dog Training with a Dual Purpose

Imagine the power of positivity your canine companion brings into your life every day. Quite possibly a dog's individual, stunning strength to improve a human's overall well-being is doubled when they are partnered with veterans. One program, Warrior Canine Connection, is designed with dyadic beneficial rewards of this unique canine capability. The trainers are military men and women, who participate to help ease emotional trauma like the lingering, stressful memories of war. When specially selected Golden Retriever and Labrador puppies graduate they go home with physically disabled veterans. You can get an inside look at how incredibly well this resourceful team approach works by watching "It's Animal Assisted Therapy on Steroids", the most recent installment in the PBS Honored to Serve series, which features stories of two veterans and their WCC trained canine companions.

Several related service dog training programs are created with a different dual purpose, which is to save dogs living in shelters from eventual death by pairing them with injured or disabled warriors with honorable discharges. This inspiring initiative effectively prevents unwanted pets from being euthanized due to overcrowding at shelters across the country. These trained rescue dogs provide critical assistance to hundreds of veterans, who suffered in silence with psychological issues like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD].

There is a growing number of nonprofit organizations in every region of the country dedicated to delivering service dogs to military veterans for free. One simple way to see that every warrior who needs a service dog is able to get one is for programs to help veterans train their own service dogs. One example of this unique approach is Operation Freedom Paws, a California nonprofit, run by Mary Cortani, who is a veteran and one of the top CNN Heroes of 2012. 

You can help these veterans keep their dogs safe with LED collars. Please contact us for more information.

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