Learning about your Pet to Enhance Dog Training Success

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world. Having such a pet means that owners must spend some time training new dogs in order to ensure their safety and the well-being of everyone in the household.

Dog training is something that takes a great amount of time to complete successfully. However, by understanding how your dogs think and react to the world around them, it is much easier to be successful with your attempt.

For years, dogs have been studied in a laboratory setting. From these studies, scientists have discovered many activities that are helpful in teaching dogs. But, are these exercises and activities really successful in the real world? This is something that a group of Duke Researchers decided to test out.

The group relied on a website that was developed by Brian Hare to gather the information provided by 500 pet owners. These owners spent time with their dogs, replicating the same tests that the scientists used in the lab on their own dogs. Most of the tests were games that the owners and the dogs would play together.

Originally, these tests were performed on dogs whose owners would bring them into the lab to complete the studies. Seeing the results replicated in the real world helped to concrete the findings of the researchers and created an understanding that the tests were definitely a success.

There is great value with this type of data and it will greatly affect the way that dog trainers work with dogs. By understanding dogs better, owners will then be able to better care for the dogs and keep them safe.

Since safety is a huge concern for the owners of dogs, it is important that you always have the right equipment on hand for your dog's safety. Some of the best items that you can rely on are specialty leashes and collars. Be sure to check out the items that we offer for this important area of your dog's life.

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