Closing summer on a Howling Note

Summer is winding to the close, but that doesn't mean that there isn't still enough time to squeeze in some summer fun. Since summer is best spent outdoors, taking your best furry friend along for the enjoyment is always a great way to end summer the right way.

However, not all public places are dog-friendly, making it difficult for pet owners to enjoy the end of summer with their pets. One town in Washington decided to change all that when they hosted a "paws in the pool" event.

Dogs and their owners were invited to spend some time at the pool together, splashing and playing to their heart's content. Naturally, the event was a huge success and owners and pets alike were thrilled with the fun that they experienced.

The best part about the event was that it was actually a fundraiser. The money was used to benefit the local humane society, making it possible for dogs without owners to finally find a home of their own. Perhaps at next year's event, some of the dogs rescued from these funds will be able to enjoy the festivities!

Naturally, at these types of events, it is crucial that you take time to make sure that your dog is safe and secure. If you plan to attend a public event with your dog, be sure that you bring along things to help keep your pet happy and safe. To learn more about the items that you should bring with you, be sure to contact us. We offer collars and leashes that will help you keep track of your pet at all times.

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