Get your dog ready for winter

Winter is quickly approaching, and while your dog may wear a coat year-round, he or she needs to prepare for winter just like you! Follow these dog safety tips to keep your dog happy and healthy this winter:

Keep them warm in cold temps

  • Make sure your dog has plenty of food and water before heading out for a walk. Dogs use extra energy to conserve their body heat.
  • Consider dog clothes (like sweaters) and boots if your dog has thin fur. Make sure the boots aren't too tight or you will risk cutting off circulation, which can lead to frostbite.
  • Always cut your walk short if your dog is shivering or having trouble walking due to the cold. 

Take extra safety precautions

  • Beginning with the autumnal equinox each year, days get shorter, leaving fewer opportunities to walk your dog in daylight. An LED dog collar and LED dog leash help you keep track of your dog on your morning and evening walks, while alerting drivers of your presence to keep you and your pooch safe.
  • Take a dog obedience class or work with your dog to walk on a loose leash. This makes walks safer when you encounter snow or ice.
  • Wipe your dog's paws with a damp towel after walking through snow or ice. The salt used to make sidewalks less slippery can irritate your dog's paws.
  • Keep your dog away from chemicals like antifreeze, which tastes sweet to dogs but can become lethal in just 1-2 teaspoons.
  • Know the signs of hypothermia in dogs: If your pup is shivering, lethargic and has frostbite (identified by skin that becomes gray or red and is cold to the tough), he or she may have hypothermia and need immediate warmth from blankets, warm fluids or a wrapped hot water bottle.

For more information on winter safety for dogs, contact us

Sources: The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, The Humane Society of the United States, Pet MD


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