Dog Safety: Amp up Visibility with an LED Dog Collar and an LED Leash

Dog Safety starts with visibility. If you job with your dog or walk at night, then visibility becomes an issue. The simple way to fix that is with an LED collar or LED leash that allows other people and drivers to see your dog even in the dimmest of lights. Drivers have the hardest time seeing at dawn and dusk. An LED collar and leash are the perfect tools to help keep your pet safe when walking or running when the light is dim.

Exercise and Running

Many people who own dogs also run for exercise. Remember that in summer, your dog overheats a lot faster than you do. Sure, they like the exercise and spending quality time with you, but keep them safe. If it is over 80 degrees out, then consider a shorter run. Always offer them water before you start the run and especially after you have finished your run. Keep in mind that your goal should be your dogs safety so measure your run based on their fatigue and not on a distance marker. You may be able to run five miles in 80-degree weather, but your dog is likely not able to run extended distances in hot weather. Their fur means it is hotter out for them. They also have a smaller body and less resource for dealing with hot weather. You can try to jog in the evening or early morning when it is cooler. If that is you, and you take your dog with you then consider an LED collar or LED leash for your dog. The bright light from these products helps to increase your safety too. Many runners use and LED light to help drivers see them. By including and LED collar on your dog, you increase your safety too.

Spotting Your Dog in the Dark

Do you let your dog outside at night to "do their duty?" If so, an LED collar helps you keep an eye on them. If they should get out of the yard, they are easier to spot because the LED lighted collar makes them a beacon. If your dog is used to being out in the yard, but not outside of the yard, an LED collar is perfect. Pets are familiar with certain environments, such as your yard, but they may not be able to deal with being outside of the yard. Traffic and loud noise may startle them and that can cause them to panic. Using an LED collar helps you find the pet and also helps drivers to see them.

The Perfect Gift

If you know someone who loves their dog as a child, then consider an LED collar as a gift. These brightly lit collars help increase the visibility of pets in many situations. One of the biggest dangers to dogs is traffic. An LED collar helps pets become visible so that drivers can avoid the unthinkable.

If you would like more information about dog safety, Just contact us. We are dedicated to creating products that keep dogs safe.

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