We Wanted To See Where Our LED Dog Collars Were Going, So We Made A Map!

We were sitting around one day wondering how far our reach was. Just where was our furthest LED dog collar? We went straight to the data and started plotting the points! We took each order and placed it on the map. We only plotted the city to respect customer privacy of course. 

Take a look at who is snatching up the best led dog collar in town, or in the world it seems! 

Global View! See How Far Our Reach Is!

Now Let's Focus Closer To Home. Our Friends Up North Seem To Like Our LED Dog Collars!

Zoom, Enhance. Now Let's Look At Home Base. South Dakota, Was It Something We Said?

There you have it folks! A birds eye view of where our collars are going! Unfortunately we couldn't map all of our orders, but the above is a very good representation of who is keeping their dogs safer! Some of these orders include our LED dog leash and LED dog harness. Just think, in all these cities there are dogs lighting up the road keeping themselves seen to oncoming traffic.  

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