We Are Upgrading - Making The Best LED Dog Collar!

Wondering why some of our items are out of stock right now? Well there is good news! We are upgrading our LED Dog Collars so that they work for you and your dog better than ever!

LED dog collars make it possible to spot your dog in the yard at night and increase your visibility while walking on the road during dusk or dawn. We have been reaching out for feedback and we have listened! After testing with our own dogs and hearing your feedback on our dog safety products, we made some changes. The below is because of you!

FIRST CHANGE | Double Stitching

Not only do we want to increase the visibility of your dog at night, we want to make sure our dog collars are as safe as possible. By double stitching the end of the nylon strap around the adjustment clip, it makes it near impossible for your dog to slip out of the collar. Double stitching also increases the tension on the nylon strap, meaning a more secure adjustment. 

SECOND CHANGE | Battery Strap

Dogs have a lot of energy, right? We don't know about your dogs, but ours usually thrash their heads around when they find a stick or a toy. We want to make sure that the battery pack and LED strip remain in place no matter how acrobatic your dog decides to be. As a result, we have added a rubber strap to keep the battery pack in place. Simple slide it down to remove the pack and change the batteries. 

THIRD CHANGE | Battery Protector

We had issues with our collars getting to our customers and already being on, or the battery being dead! This of course was upsetting to us, as our intention is to provide a product that can increase the safety of you and your pet right out of the box. To combat this issue, we will be manufacturing our LED products with plastic battery strips that will prevent the item from turning on until you simply pull the tab with your finger once it arrives. This is a one time step! 


Dogs will pull, they will thrash, and they will run around like crazy. We need to make sure that our products withstand the abuse of an excited dog and so we made some additional improvements to make our products safer for you and your pet. The D-Ring is now thicker and larger, giving our collar the ability to withstand much more tension and the ability to be used with even larger dogs. 

The Best LED Dog Collar

Old (top) Vs. New (bottom)



We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products. Some other ideas you have had:

  • Solar Panel so the collar knows when to turn on/off
  • Motion sensor so the collar can turn off if your dog is still for a duration of time
  • USB charging

Don't worry, we aren't ignoring these ideas! We strive to keep our LED Dog Collars affordable so every dog lover and owner can outfit their pups with one and keep them safer. The changes we made were the most cost effective, and as we grow we plan to extend our product line to include premium features such as solar/motion sensors and USB charging. 

Thanks for being a fan, and thank you for keeping your dog safer! 

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