Halloween and your Dog. What you need to know!

With Halloween around the corner it is important to stay seen and stay safe with your children and your pup!

Halloween is a great time! Fun for the entire family, including the pet! However, as with every holiday and event there are precautions to take to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.

  • Stay visible while trick-or-treating! Make sure to consider purchasing our LED Dog Collar or LED Leash so that your pup can stay bright and seen while you walk up and down the roads at night! It will also allow others on the sidewalk to notice your pet and move out of the way or give distance! Our LED Dog Collars and LED Leashes can also be attached to bags to keep you and your kids lit up, too!
  • Keep an eye on what your dog (and your kids) eat! Halloween is an exciting time of year for our children. An excuse to eat all the sugary candy they want (eh, how much Mom and Dad allow), how exciting! Dogs however have no regard to what they are and aren’t allowed to eat so it is important to keep a close eye on your pup to make sure they aren’t getting into any candy that could be hidden. Make sure that any candy hidden by you or your kids is not easily accessible to your pets. Chocolate can be quite dangerous for a Dog and you want to avoid making a trip to the Vet or inducing vomiting (yuck!).
  • Be mindful that not everyone out trick-or-treating is a Dog lover. We know it is near impossible to grasp the concept, but not everyone loves dogs! While you are out trick-or-treating with your family and your pup, be sure to give space between your dog and others walking on the sidewalk or on the street. Some may have allergies, some may have fears – regardless of what their reason for wanting space is it is your responsibility as a dog owner to give it to them. We suggest walking with your dog on a short leash and using one of our LED products so that your dog is seen by others from a distance so that they can proactively choose to make way or not.
  • So how much candy can your dog have? NONE! We all give our pets treats here and there, and we aren’t here to tell you what to do – however we want you to know the important facts. A little chocolate isn’t going to hurt your pet. However if your dog ingests NEAR 20mg of chocolate PER pound of dog, you need to call a Vet. You can find a really nifty calculator to find out how much chocolate your dog can tolerate here (we do not suggest letting your dog eat any chocolate at all): http://www.petsadviser.com/vet/no-chocolate-in-this-stocking/
    1. Milk Chocolate – Mild signs of toxicity can occur when 0.7 ounces per pound of body weight is ingested; severe toxicity occurs when two ounces per pound of body weight is ingested (or as little as one pound of milk chocolate for a 20-pound dog).
    2. Semi-Sweet Chocolate – Mild signs of toxicity can occur when 0.3 ounce per pound of body weight is ingested; severe toxicity occurs when one ounce per pound of body weight is ingested (or as little as six ounces of semi-sweet chocolate for a 20-pound dog).
    3. Baking Chocolate – This type of chocolate has the highest concentration of caffeine and theobromine. Therefore, as little as two small one-ounce squares of baking chocolate can be toxic to a 20-pound dog (or 0.1 ounce per pound of body weight).

We hope this information helps keep you and your family (including your pet) safe this Halloween! Stay seen and stay safe!

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