Stay visible at night with your dog!

June 29, 2014

The majority of us here at The Pet's Tech live in the center of Boston, MA. I don't know if you have ever been to Boston, but while the City itself is filled with rich American history and delicious food, the roads make traveling a bit of a nightmare. Unfortunately, the original City Planners of Boston decided they did not want to utilize the grid system, used as early as 5th Century BC. 

Why the short history lesson you might ask? Well, walking your dog around Boston is not the most stress-free activity. Especially if you live in Boston proper. While the roads are well lit, there is a lot of traffic. Have you ever heard the rumor that drivers in Boston aren't exactly the best? True or not, we won't compare Boston drivers to other cities, but we will tell you that more often than not horns are honking and cars are swerving.

So how do you walk your dog in such a chaotic environment? Side streets are still heavily traversed, and if you are walking in the city then you can kiss the serenity filled suburban leisure walk goodbye. You need to adapt and evolve. 

Technology exists to make our lives easier. As a civilization we are constantly looking for new ways to make daily tasks automated or less work. We are always looking for new gadgets that make daily living just that much simpler. We at The Pet's Tech love technology, except we love using it to better the lives of our dogs! 
We have started with LED Lighted Dog Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses. We are then moving towards traveling accessories, toys, and feeders. Our LED Dog Collar creates a bright halo around your dogs neck, visible from up to 1,000 feet away. Does your dog like to dart away at first sight of another animal? Does your dog like to take off at the sound of a horn or siren? Make sure you light up your pup and if he or she does happen to run away, not only does the light up dog collar make your dog easy to keep track of as you attempt to catch up and grab the leash again, but it keeps your dog visible to oncoming traffic, helping to make sure there are no unfortunate accidents. Our LED leash provides a similar safety guard. While the LED Dog Leash keeps your pup lit down low, the LED Dog Leash keeps you lit up off the ground. Make sure you are visible to! With the combination of the lighted dog collar and lighted dog leash, oncoming cars will be sure to see you and slow down to help create a safer environment for you to walk your dog in. 

If you don't live in a city, these are still for you! In the suburbs we all know that roads can be very dimly lit. Make sure you and your dog are bright and visible while walking down unlit side streets. Help stay seen from oncoming traffic and cars pulling out of their driveways. 

With our LED Dog products, there is no way you and your pup wont stay seen in the dark! 

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