Preparing your dog for a BBQ. How to keep your dog safe!


1. Make sure your dogs collar has visible ID tags.

Make sure your dog is not only wearing a collar, but that his tags are attached. You will want to make sure they are all there (name/address, immunizations, medical conditions, etc.) There are many reasons for this. If your dog runs away due to the excitement, he has his name tag on so he can be returned quickly. If he bites another dog or person (it can happen in an environment where your dog is overstimulated), then the immunization tags gives vital information to everyone involved. Last but not least, if your dog has any medical conditions, it is important that people around can easily find this information if needed.

2. Keep hazardous materials away from your dog.

At a BBQ you will have a lot of different items that can be harmful to your furry loved one. Make sure you keep charcoal, matches, and lighter fluid away from your dog. The best place for these things are in a cabinet, not just put up on a shelf. 

3. Keep your dog on leash or tied up (with a lot of slack for roaming).

We always suggest keeping your dog on leash with a familiar handler in control. However, if your dog is used to being tied up outside, this is another option. Please, if your dog is not used to being tied up, and if your dog is one to pull on the slack and get agitated when tied up - do not do this. 

4. Use an LED Dog Collar.

When the sun starts to set, it is important to keep your dog extremely visible to you and to your guests. Use one of our LED dog collars to keep your dog lit up at night, making him or her easy to find! This improves your dogs safety and helps guests know where your dog is in case some of them are not to fond of furry ones. When your guests leave, this allows your dog to be seen while cars are moving about. 

5. Keep your dog away from the grill.

The second you throw that meat on the grill your dog is going to nuzzle up to you. Maybe their affection is sincere, but the reality is that they smell the meat and they will do anything for a little nibble! As cute as this may be, you will want to either put your dog inside while the grill is hot, or ask your guests to play with your dog away from the grill. Dogs can jump and get excited, especially when they are hungry. The last thing you need is a doggy with crispy paws (ouch!).

6. Be mindful of citronella candles.

Citronella candles are great - they keep the bugs away. To your dogs, though, they can be poisonous. Make sure to place these candles out of the dogs reach. If you notice the smell is bothering your dog, then make sure to take your dog out of that area.

7. Do not let guests feed your dog.

This is the hardest rule to enforce, but one of the most important ones, too. Make sure to tell your guests not to feed your dog. Everyone is going to want to, and you aren't going to stop everyone. If your dog eats scraps from everyone he or she is going to get very sick and make for an unpleasant rest of the day for you! Best case scenario is you have a dog who needs to use the bathroom a lot... worst case, you have a trip to the vet on your hands. So please, be mindful of this.


We hope these tips help you and your dog stay safe this summer!


All the best,

The Pet's Tech Team


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