Sorry about the wait!

We have been getting numerous requests about when we will have more LED dog collars and LED dog leashes available. The answer is: June 2 our lighted dog collars and lighted dog leashes will go back on sale! 

So, what happened? We know you're wondering. Well, it is good news! A post went up about us on a social networking site Reddit A.K.A the frontpage of the internet. We got swarmed by orders which is so fantastic, but unfortunately it wiped out our inventory early! Our LED dog products are actually quite new, and we are still testing the market. However, recent results have been very promising. We contacted our manufacturers in a hurry and had them move the next production up! The final product will be in our warehouse and ready by the first week in June. We hope those of you who have been waiting are ready to give us a try!

We are a small, new company run by dog lovers, and our mission is to make dogs and their owners safer at a very affordable price. We thank all of our customers for helping us with our mission and for keeping their pets safer.

All the best,

The Pet's Tech Team

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