Keeping your dog safe while outside in the back yard or camping

May 05, 2014

1. Teach your dog to "come". 

Many dog owners would agree that "come" is the most important command you can teach your dog. A pup that obeys the "come" command, is one that you can keep out of trouble and out of harms way. It is important to make sure when training to only call your dog with "come" when you have an enjoyable activity for him or her. Do not use "come" for activities the dog does not enjoy. For unenjoyable tasks, walk to the dog and attach a leash and bring the dog to the location of the activity.

2. Lead your dog off your property on leash

When taking your dog on a walk, make sure to use a leash and make sure to guide your dog off your property on leash. This will reenforce the idea that while off leash they cannot leave the perimeter of your property. 

3. Contain the area

The obvious solution for preventing runaway dogs in the backyard is to install a physical fence (or electrical fence). A good fence can prevent your dog from escaping allowing you to go about your day without worrying if the dog has escaped. When camping, there are many fold up pens you can keep the pup in when it is time to relax without worrying if the dog has escaped.

4. Use a LED Dog Collar

Want to know where your dog is at night? Just use one of our LED dog collars and easily spot your dog at night whether it is in your backyard or while out camping. Our LED dog collar can be seen from 1000 feet away and is made out of a durable nylon webbing with a LED light strip woven in between. The plastic clip and metal ring are conveniently located in areas that are comfortable for your dog, and easy for you to access. Our LED dog collar comes in many different sizes and colors so be sure to check out the products page to see what fits your style.


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