LED lighted dog collar Vs. glow in the dark collar

A lot of people ask me "what is better, a LED dog collar/leash/harness or a glow in the dark one?" and my response is always the same: LED lighted dog collars, LED dog leashes, and LED dog harnesses are brighter, more visible, can be seen farther, can grab attention more easily due to flash settings, and don't get dim quickly.

Glow in the dark collars are great for close-range use. However once you get a decent distance away, it becomes near impossible to see the glow in the dark collar. With our LED lighted dog collar, you can stay seen from at least 1000 feet away! That is more than enough distance for any oncoming traffic to move out of the way. 

It should also be noted that glow in the dark pet supplies require "charging" in light in order to be effective at night. This makes it difficult to keep bright when taking your dog for a middle of the night walk. With our LED lighted dog collar or LED dog leash, you can turn it on and instantly be on your way- getting you back to bed sooner.

Take a look at our LED dog products here.

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