Camping With Your Dog | 6 Must Have Items

1. LED Dog Collar/Harness/Leash

When the sun goes down (or before the sun comes up), it is pretty dark out! If you need to let your dog out to use the bathroom, or if you want to go on a stroll, make sure you bring a LED dog collar or LED dog harness to keep your pup lit up and visible at night. You wont have to worry about losing sight and you will be able to spot your dog from at least 1000ft away! Our LED dog collars and LED dog harnesses are made with durable, thick nylon webbing which will hold up to the tests of the outdoors. Give it a try and if you aren't satisfied send it back for any reason. 

You will also want to bring our LED dog leash with you so that you are visible when walking your dog down the unlit roads typically found on campgrounds. It is also helpful when you tie your dog up at night, so others can see your dog and where he is tied to. When you're walking on the hiking paths, or on the roads you want to make sure you are seen and the LED dog leash will do just that. Combined with the LED dog collar, you can make sure every car and person sees you and your pet when the sun is down. This is perfect for camping with your dog and gives you the ability to go for a walk no matter what time it is.

2. Portable water bowls/bottles

When camping, it is important to make sure both you and your dog have clean water to drink. We suggest the Gulpy Water Dispenser found here on Amazon. This will let you carry around extra water for you and your pet when out and about while camping. Dog owners often underestimate how much water their dog needs, especially when camping- so make sure you give your dog plenty of water, and make sure you have something that will allow you to carry water while on hikes or walks.

3. Doggie bags

This is a given, but you would be surprised how many dog owners forget to bring doggie bags when they go camping! Even though it's the open outdoors, you will still need to (or you should) pick up after your pet! Make sure to bring enough plastic bags to take care of all your dogs business. We suggest portable key chain doggie bag dispensers which can be found all over the internet. 

4. Toys!

When going camping, make sure you bring toys for your dog! This is an experience for him too and just how you bring your fishing rod, and your hillbilly horseshoes kit, your dog wants his tennis ball and rope! Don't bring along the squeaky toys though, we want to stay courteous to the fellow campers around us! Make sure whatever toys you bring, your pup can play with quietly so that others can enjoy their time as well. 

5. Tarps

If you're like me, then you let your dog share the tent with you. Unfortunately, it is a little harder for our dogs to kick off their shoes to stop dirt from coming into the tent. To resolve this issue, I lay a tarp down on my dogs side of the tent. At night before we turn in, I usually give him a little cleaning on the tarp so he can feel free to roam about the tent if he so pleases during the night. The tarp is perfect though when entering the tent- just open the door, bring the dog to the tarp and clean 'em up before letting them get comfortable. You can find tarps at any of your local hardware stores, and I imagine you are bringing some anyway for camping.

6. A Crate

There are a lot of noises at night, and your dog is more than likely going to wake up. Sometimes a crate is a good idea for either outside, or in the tent (if it is big enough) depending on if your pup likes to wonder. You also need to keep in mind your dog might scratch at the tent, this will prevent that.


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