New LED Collar - Available Soon!

Exciting news! We have been working with our manufactures to come up with a more effective, and higher quality dog collar- and we have found it! Our original collar was amazing, but we wanted something brighter and with more color options! So, we present to you The Pet's Tech LED Collar Gen. 2. 

The collar is a solid color all around, using heavy duty nylon webbing as the main material. Within the heavy nylon webbing, there is a durable LED strip that keeps the entire front of the dog collar brightly lit. 

The clip is extremely thick and durable plastic, so you won't have to worry about wear and tear if you are someone who removes the collar from your dog when you get back inside (though most of our customers replace their main collar with ours)! 

The Pet's Tech LED Dog Collar Gen. 2 is brighter, stronger, and looks great. This is a must have if you want to keep you and your pet safe while it's dark outside. Do you take your pup on early morning walks? Do you get home late and take your dog out once the sun has gone down? If so, then you NEED our collar to help you and your furball stay visible at night.

Have a pup who doesn't respect the electric fence as much as he or she should? Let your dog out with confidence, knowing you can easily spot him or her with a quick glance outside. This collar is extremely bright and is extremely easy to see.

If you are interested in our new collar, please sign up for our newsletter so we can let you know once it is available! Remember, we have a 1 year warranty and return policy on all Items- return for any reason, no questions asked!


All the best,

The Pet's Tech team.




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